Equinox Home Staging & Redesign in The Media.

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in Broward County, FL & Palm Beach County, FL.

Equinox Home Staging & Redesign, Featured in the January/ February 2021 issue  "Simply The Best Magazine" 

"Our stagings are about Lifestyle Marketing or if you prefer Experiential Marketing, we provide people with an environment in which they desire to live and incorporating their needs into a staging or redesign concept. 


Why a Partnership?


We create a dynamic team approach, as they say “two heads are better than one!”

Together we bring the element of customization to all our projects. 

Creating inspirational properties for dwelling or selling. 


Why stage in a sellers market?


No matter the market buyers need to be able to envision themselves in a space. With a lot of the newer construction having adopted an open floor concept many of our Realtors have found that their clients have difficulty laying out the space!  Where does the sofa go, where do I set up my dining room, does my king size bed fit... But that is not all, empty spaces are not inspiring, they echo, can feel called, and all flaws are visible to the naked eye!"

January/February 2021 "Simply The Best M